Detail of the cover of "Unsolcited Poems"

Unsolicited Poems

“…Rowe smashes right through the table, right through the floor, right through the apartment below, right on through the earth, to reach some Luciferian beauty shining in the shards of what's left of language.”

​— Josh Cook, Bookslut

David Rowe’s first full length collection of poems

Cover of Unsolicited Poems

This is David Rowe’s first full length collection of poems, bringing together nearly twenty years worth of rigorous poetic work. Throughout Unsolicited Poems one is struck by the range, depth and precision of the poet’s voice.

The subject matter is vast as well, and the reader is presented with poems of love, and loss, and anguish, as well as occasional poems, poems to his daughter, and poems in celebration of both friends and artistic idols. “& I just wish/ I were poet enough/ To do it all justice”, he writes, and whether it be a sonnet, an aubade, a Zulu praise poem, or an overgrown haiku David, puts himself to this task again and again with great passion and sincerity.

Three poems of the collection can be read in Project Agon:

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Cover drawing by Thaddeus Conti

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